Our customers say "Meow!"

Professional Cat Care & Grooming in Your Home PDF Print E-mail

Lori Doyle and her employees offer cat sitting with attention to detail, and can give your cat the extra care he or she might need due to age, disability, or illness. Lori also offers in-your-home cat grooming (bath, blow dry, ear and eye cleaning, nail trims, soft paws, and more).

We serve New York's Capital District. (Albany and Troy areas.)

Our care includes:

  • insulin injections
  • subcutaneous fluids
  • other medications (pills, liquid, subcutaneous injections)
  • in-your-home cat hospice if you must travel at that critical time
  • litterbox help and understanding for cats with cerebellar hypoplasia and other conditions

And yes, we do take care of healthy cats as well!

We can also feed your managed feral colony while you’re away!

We can bring in your mail, newspapers, garbage/recycling bins, adjust window shades, curtains or blinds, and water plants. We clean litter boxes and take food and litter trash out.

Of course, we play with the cats, pet them, brush them, talk with them, and relax with them. We spend time at your home with your cats.